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Over the last year, Atlanta-based Sad Fish have been releasing singles of Brazilian inspired surf rock, building their name in the underground scene with puppets and crazy costumes. Their shows are often described as feeling like a private party. 

Right on time, we’ve got the stream of Sad Fish’s new EP, Never 2 Cool 2 Dance (Megafuss), to kick your own private Memorial Day party into gear. Sad Fish wears their freak flags proud, exploring the psychedelic side of surf rock, keeping the melodic and rhythmic pace right over the sometimes distorted vocals. And let’s be honest, kicking off the summer with some libations early in the day next to a pool/lake/beach/backyard/or just under a bridge, things tend to get a little weird and out of control. Never 2 Cool 2 Dance is the perfect addition to the festivities.

Starting out with “Lemon Juice” the EP immediately kicks into gear, delivering on it’s promise to get you dancing. “Why” is the perfect mix of garage and surf, that has heads bopping around while longingly gazing into another’s eyes. With 5 songs, most under 2 minutes, the EP still feels as though it encompasses the highs and lows of a whole out of control night. On the third track “Nights”, Sad Fish shows out a glimmering, almost post-punk, shoe gaze side that seems like the middle point of an evening that you’ve lost control over, only able to reflect on life. It’s a stand out track both to the EP, and as a stand alone. On “Winter Song” the band picks you right back up off the floor, helping remind why you are there in the first place, to let loose, free from it all. Closing out the EP, Sad Fish is able to put it all into perspective with a trance like state on “Faita”.

Sad Fish’s shimmering freak surf rock is the perfect way to welcome in the summer with something fresh, raw, and perhaps out of control. If you are feeling extra frisky this weekend, don’t miss out on the Never 2 Cool 2 Dance EP Release show with Cousin Dan, Satisfiers of Alpha Blue, and Shannon and the Tunnels at The Cleaners in Atlanta on Saturday, May 28th. Pick up a tape cassette and a download code. That’s one evening that’s sure to be off the rocker.

Until then, enjoy our exclusive stream of Never 2 Cool 2 Dance:


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