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On Saturday, October first, Atlanta will have the pleasure of hosting the Pabst Blue Ribbon “Project Pabst” festival in East Atlanta Village. Open Ears is looking forward to providing our readers full coverage of the entire festival. If you happen to be in the area, maybe a quick listen to the playlist below will quickly make East Atlanta your destination on Saturday. We surely think so.

Open Ears “Project Pabst” Playlist:

Luckily, unlike most festivals, Project Pabst offers almost no scheduling conflicts . If there’s a group(s) of artists that the attendee wants to see, then there’s little reason you should miss the set. The only exceptions are the sets earlier in the day. Check out our suggestions the list of Artists below.

Summer Cannibals (Captain Pabst Stage – 1:05PM-1:35PM )


The Portland four-piece will definitely get the party started in Atlanta. Coming off of their latest album, Full of It , Jessica Boudreaux and company will be cranking things up with their grunge filled tunes. Summer Cannibals will be traveling from Atlanta to Brooklyn right after the festival, and then to Europe. We’re sure you will be kicking yourself if you miss out on this opportunity.

Omni (Unicorn Stage – 1:40PM-2:10PM)

If you’re from Atlanta and haven’t heard of Omni yet let us introduce you. Omni recently released Deluxe on Trouble in Mind Records, and their similarities can be compared to Television and Pylon. Mellow out for a bit and dive into the rich soundscapes.

Real Estate (Captain Pabst Stage – 2:15PM-2:55PM)

For a middle of a daytime slot, it does not get much better than Real Estate. In a worst case scenario, it will be hot in East Atlanta, so what do you do? Find some shade and let your mind doze off to the wondrous tunes.

Dinos Boys (The Earl – 3:15PM-3:45PM)

This will be a change of pace from Real Estate, but fret not. Dino Boys should deliver a solid set for any fan of old school, garage rock, with a bit of Atlanta flair.

Santigold (Captain Pabst Stage 3:45PM-4:45PM)

The one and only Santigold, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will be making an appearance at the festival. Expect a lot of dancing and energy to be packed into this performance.

The Internet (Unicorn Stage – 4:50PM-5:30PM)

Bringing soul to the Atlanta skyline, Syd Tha Kyd, and The Internet will properly introduce their Los Angeles vibes to the Atlanta crowd. Ego Death was a personal album favorite from 2014. Check out “Gabby” above.

NOFX (Captain Pabst Stage – 5:35PM-6:35PM)

NOFX consistently seems to continue playing shows after all of these years. It’s definitely a good thing. Swing by the Captain Pabst stage and reminisce on the days of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires (Unicorn Stage – 6:40PM-7:20PM)

In what is going to be the most interesting transition period of the day, we are greeted with Charles Bradley. Did you happen to see Charles back in his hay days, back in 1965? I’m sure most of us did not see him then, but don’t fret. Charles is still an outstanding performer that will beautifully begin the sunset in Atlanta.

Mastodon (Captain Pabst State – 7:25PM-8:25PM)

To cap off the night, the first of two homegrown talents takes the Captain stage. This is Mastodon, the heavy rock group that has taken the metal world by storm. Touring all over the world the band looks to deliver a powerful performance at Pabst and were ready.

Run the Jewels (Unicorn Stage — 8:30PM-9:30PM)

Killer Mike and El-P just announced that “every word” for the rap duo’s third album has been recorded. Expect to see the rappers exchanging verses in perfect execution, while DJ Trackstar provides live scratching and beats. Killer Mike in his hometown, in East Atlanta, outside on a Saturday night with near perfect weather. Do not miss this performance.


Stay tuned to Open Ears Instagram for live updates. Check out the full lineup here (including late night shows)





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