Project Pabst “Atlanta” 2017: Playlist, Recommendations + More


On Saturday, October 7th, Atlanta will have the pleasure of hosting the Pabst Blue Ribbon “Project Pabst” festival in East Atlanta Village. Open Ears is looking forward to providing our readers full coverage of the entire festival for the second year in a row. If you happen to be in the area, maybe a quick listen to the playlist below will quickly make East Atlanta your destination on Saturday. We surely think so. Tickets can still be purchased here

Open Ears “Project Pabst” Playlist:

Luckily, unlike most festivals, Project Pabst offers almost no scheduling conflicts. If there’s a group(s) of artists that the attendee wants to see, then there’s little reason you should miss the set. The only exceptions are the sets earlier in the day. Check out our suggestions from the list of artists below.

Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics (Unicorn Stage – 1:00PM)


It’s 1:00PM, you walk through the gates and are looking for the first band to catch. There’s only one playing and it’s Ruby Velle & the Soulphonics. The brass instruments, soul, and laid back tunes will be the perfect thing to crack open your first PBR to.

Lord Narf (Captain Pabst Stage – 1:45PM)

If you’re from Atlanta and haven’t heard of Awful Records yet – let us introduce you. Lord Narf recently released ‘Witchcraft’ on the record label that is slowly taking over the Southern hip-hop and experimental scene. With artists such as Father, Abra, and Ethereal collaborating on her record, we’re sure this is going to be a good time.

Dicaprio (The Earl – 2:30PM)

It’s 2:30 and you’re trying to escape the heat for a bit. Now is the perfect time to catch a breather at The Earl. Local post-punk act Dicaprio will be bringing their dark vibes to the East Atlanta club.

The Coathangers / Vincas (The Unicorn / Captain Pabst – 2:15PM / 3:00PM)

You’ll notice two bands on this recommendation. We’d suggest heading out of Dicaprio’s set a little bit early to catch the tail end of The Coathangers set. The Coathangers are an Atlanta punk mainstay and have been around since 2006. After catching the end of their set check out some of the local food vendors or grab a bite to eat at The Graveyard Tavern (we’d recommend their wings). After that, watch Vincas tear apart the Captain Pabst stage.

Watch the Duck (Unicorn Stage 3:30PM)

It seems like nearly any artist that Pharell has worked with has turned out to be gold shortly after. Watch the Duck has and is looking to win your heart with their experimental R & B style. Make sure to catch them bring a party to the Unicorn stage.

Illegal Drugs (The Earl – 4:10PM)

We’re almost positive there is no place you would rather be at 4:10 than The Earl. Illegal Drugs put on one of the best intimate rock shows that you will witness. E

Peaches (Unicorn Stage – 4:45PM)

The video above should show an accurate depiction of what is going to take place in Atlanta. It’s going to be by far the most interesting act to catch.


Goldyard (Captain Pabst – 5:30PM)

Goldyard will be looking to capture the crowd leaving from Peaches. It’s going to be all hip hop and R & B as the sun starts to set.

The Internet (The Unicorn – 6:00PM)

Do not miss this. Syd the Kid and Steve Lacy are back for a second year at the festival and are bound to gain even more fans. Coming from the Hip-Hop collective, Odd Future, this group will be the perfect way to transition into the evening.

RMBLR (Captain Pabst — 7:00PM)

Previously known as Dino Boys, RMBLR is going to be the untraditional wildcard act that we’re throwing into the mix. They take on the Captain Pabst stage at 7:00 PM. Since it will be the first time many have seen the band live, we have no idea what to expect.


Dinosaur Jr (Unicorn Stage — 7:30PM)

The next two acts are likely the reason that this festival caught your eye in the first place. J Mascis and his crew will provide many classics to a crowd of young and old.

Iggy Pop (Unicorn Stage — 9:15 PM)

Please, we repeat, please do not miss the opportunity to see Iggy Pop live. He’s been performing since 1960 and is still bringing the energy that is unthinkable at his age (70 years old). There’s no telling when he’s going to decide to stop touring, but it’s a good idea to see him every chance you get.


Stay tuned to Open Ears Instagram for live updates. Check out the full lineup here (including late night shows)






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