Quiet Hounds Share Shimmering New Single “Emperors”, Announce New Album ‘Characteristics of Living Things’


As the opening guitar riffs hit, giving way to the rhythmic drums, just like that you know that the Quiet Hounds have made their triumphant return like an earworm taking hold of you minds and hearts.

Since releasing their debut album, Megaphona, in 2012, Atlanta-based Quiet Hounds have been a mysterious indie folk rock band slowly releasing snippets into the band’s inner workings as they’ve hid behind hound masks, choosing to let the music speak for itself instead of who any of the members of the band are. For a band that’s left an impact on their fans like the Quiet Hounds, they haven’t played many live shows over the years since their inception. When they do play live shows, it’s more than just rock ‘n’ roll and harmonious melodies, it’s a production, showcasing more than just the music itself, but what true artists they are. Whether it was a show at unique spaces such as The Goat Farm in Atlanta, made into multiple acts throughout the evening with the help of actors and actresses to tell a story, or the recent revival of Dinnerbell ATL featuring Quiet Hounds and a second band (last one was with the Indigo Girls, and the next one on July 16th features Becky Warren) alongside an acclaimed chef (July 16th date features Chef Anne Quatrano) delivering a 5 course meal, Quiet Hounds have never been a band to stand for a “normal” concert experience, choosing to always push the boundaries in a live setting or on record. It’s what makes Quiet Hounds more than just your everyday folk rockers in 2017.

After lead hound Eric Toledo moved to the west coast a few years ago, the band went through the ringer bringing about cross coast collaboration for their last album, 2015’s Shake Don’t Shatter. Since then, Eric has returned back east to reunite with his fellow hounds. With a small lineup change, the band got together in the remote woods of North Georgia last winter to return to their southern roots and record their latest album, Characteristics of Living Things, which they’ve announced today is set for release on August 11th and shared the first single “Emperors”.

The new track feels bigger than ever for the band, a shimmering song perfect to get your summer started right, exhibiting a swagger that wasn’t quiet there before. The lush soundscapes on “Emperors” gives way to Toledo pining for a hopeful sense of purpose as he sings “I can be your emperor”, giving the band an anthem that’s impossible not to resonate with, a track that already feels like a classic song that never grows old.

Quiet Hounds are back and better than ever, a group of creative hounds that choose to never stand pat when it comes to their art. Based on lead single “Emperors”, their new album Characteristics of Living Things is set to give the band’s fans everything and more that they’ve been waiting for, while set to only expand their range into the hearts of new fans looking for something more out of their tunes, songs full of purpose and meaning. This is no twee rock, but a group of seasoned musicians who create music that takes from their life experiences that shows a maturity beyond their years.

Said the band on the new album: “We lost some significant people in our lives… and with each loss, it was like experiencing some sort of identity crisis. This record certainly navigates some of that mental space. In all this self reflection, I can say good friends and gratitude keep us all well grounded… we’ve been so fortunate to be continuing in this creative process. It has forced us to be present. And through that connection, this record is certainly a celebration.” Characteristics of Living Things is set for release on August 11th, until then enjoy lead single “Emperors” and don’t miss the chance to catch Quiet Hounds tomorrow (June 24th) at the Georgia Theatre at 9PM as part of Athfest Music & Arts Festival.


Quiet Hound's Characteristics of Living Things album artwork


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