Red Light Cafe hosts: SUSTO


Susto– Holy shit! Wow! Thank you Red Light Cafe. Somehow we missed the boat on these guys when their debut self titled album came out last year. Thanks to a couple of friends, we were turned onto their live release that came out this year titled: “Live From the Austrain Country Music Hall of Fame.”


For those of you that have not listened to these Charleston gents, let us be the first to tell you that they are truly a tallented bunch. Justin Osborne has a gift for writing lyrics. Johnny Delaware and Corey Campbell made their presence felt on stage with Justin. Even though this wasn’t the complete band it was just right for the Red Light Cafe’s intimate setting. My favorite song from the album is “Dream Girl.” I remember how it grabbed my attention in the first few notes without hearing a word. The opening imagery was strange, yet took me to a familiar place. By the time the chorus kicks in I was sold. I’ve listened to it (along with the rest of the album) repeatedly since then and every time I hear it I drift off into my own little world. Often forgetting about whatever project I’m working on at the time. I leave it to you to see where it takes you. They did a cover of “The General Specific” by Band of Horses, which I can only assume is a precursor to their upcoming show at the Tabernacle on July 20 where they’ll be sharing the stage with Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses frontman) and Iron & Wine. Even if you don’t give a shit about what I think, then let that lineup be the credentials that steer you over to their webpage to dig more into them. Speaking of that show and digging more into SUSTO… OpenEars Music will be doing an interview with the guys prior to the show. So stay tuned and check back after you go see the show to learn a little more about this portion of the Acid Boys. Maybe even find out what the hell I mean by that.



Corey Campbell and Justin Osborne



Corey Campbell


Yes, Justin. You melted our faces too.


Caitlyn Harnett sitting in with the Acid Boys

Susto-6 Susto-2

Kip Bradley– Kip picked up a couple of Atlanta musicians to sit in on his set. If he hadn’t told us, I wouldn’t have known they only had 2 days of practice together before the show.  Stand up bass and slides are always welcome stage additions if you asked me.

Kip Bradley-16 Kip Bradley-14 Kip Bradley-13


Caitlyn Harnett –  This Aussie has a knack for the dark side in her writing, but you’d never know it from hearing her confident and easy going demeanor on stage. She sings from the heart and I want to know more about where her heart is coming from. Though the sad may come and go for Caitlyn, she still holds a warm smile and charming wit. I hope to see her again soon.

Caitlyn Harnett-13 Caitlyn Harnett-16


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