re:imagine/ATL Release Hero the Band’s Music Video for “Expectations”

One of our absolute favorite nonprofits, Atlanta-­based re:imagine/ATL just released its youth produced video “Expectations” by Hero the Band. The video is fully produced by Atlanta youth from a variety of backgrounds during The Green Room music video camp, a program of re:imagine/ATL in July 2016. During the week, Hero the Band worked closely with the youth as they executed the pre­production, filming and editing. These middle school campers were able to have a client experience under the leadership and guidance of filmmaker Sarah Spicer.

The video starts with a sad young female that’s feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders as she strolls around Atlanta. As the song pumps up into a raging dance number, the girl touches a hidden door and florescent coloring takes over her, just as the song does, transporting her into a beautiful and happy young girl with wings whose ready to fly, and the bright colors to prove it. From that point on the young girl is what all of our youth should be, dancing for joy with the band playing, dancing in the dark with the band as their lyrics are written on a board, while also chasing friends around parks, just generally enjoying life without that weight of the world that the kids shouldn’t have to feel. The video ends as the girl walks away with Hero the Band, colorful wings spread, and the ending lyrics “Just open up your wings if you wanna fly.”

The kids that worked on this video did an exceptional job of catching the essence of the song, giving the video an 80’s gleam that’s also embedded into the synths within the song. The band dresses straight up funky for the video, looking like they were our favorite weirdos from the 70’s and 80’s, but while there is plenty of throwback in this band, they also bring a modern indie rock sound that includes big drum beats, howling vocals and harmonies, and gives plenty of reason to dance your rear ends off to “Expectations.”

Watch “Expectations” by Hero The Band, made by the youth at re:imagine/ATL

Not only does Hero the Band prove to be an up and coming band to pay attention to, but they were perfect partners to work with the youth at this summer’s The Green Room music video camp, clearly having a lot of fun with the kids throughout saying: “The videos were awesome! Thank you all for the opportunity and keep doing great things for the dreamers and believers!”

Check back with re:imagine/ATL each Thursday, as they release each of the 8 new music videos produced at this summer’s The Green Room music video camp and make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel:

For more information about the video release or if you want to get involved, please visit or email re:imagine at
 More on Hero the Band:
Hero the Band is a family band formed by four blood brothers, Jerramy Barnett, Nicolas Barnett, Justin Barnett, Derrian Barnett in 2010. Their music talents were discovered at their young age when performing at churches. Encouraged by their chorus teacher, the brothers started pursuing their music dream individually until 2010. Hero’s music is influenced by many famous artists such as Queen, Coldplay and Earth Wind and Fire. They aim to use their music to express and provoke real emotions while motivating and inspiring audiences of all ages.



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