Song of the Day: Royal & Toulouse – “Syreeta Brown”


Raised in Texas and Alabama bound by way of New Orleans, Royal & Toulouse is rock and roll built on delta blues. The band has held roots in the South since their first jam session back in 2006 — evolving and collecting members along the way. R&T is full of old souls; ones that would make the likes of Janis Joplin and Bessie Smith proud. With such a talented pool of artists contributing to R&T, it’s no wonder they’ve established a bona fide connection to their bluesy sound. The bands full of rhythm and styles from just about every musical arc.

Their 2011 record, Southern Circus, won R&T rave reviews and had them opening for The Weeks, Dax Riggs, Lee Bains & the Glory Fires and more. Momentum continued to escalate with a 2015 EP and their latest full-length album, Shake that Reputation, released in 2016.

There’s a mix of big band aesthetic and loose-limbed coolness throughout Shake that Reputation; especially in the track “Syreeta Brown.” The track carries a special quality — an ability to fill the room with powerful sounds so effortlessly. Milyn Satterfield Little’s ragged vocals synch perfectly over the psychedelia-esque guitar riffs and jazz infused drums. It’s a wonderful song worthy of being today’s song of the day.

Listen to “Syreeta Brown” on our Monomania Spotify playlist:

Make sure to catch R&T at this years SXSW or locally in Atlanta at Smith’s Olde Bar in March.

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