Sad13 (Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz) Takes Over Monomania Spotify Playlist


Sadie Dupuis has been at the helm of fuzzed out and 90’s inspired rock band Speedy Ortiz for the past few years, but on November 11th she stepped out with a solo record and new moniker called Sad13. The record, Slugger, is a deceptively simple half hour shot of power pop and dance hooks. A few listens deep, the personal lyrics begin to stand out over the radio ready hooks and addictive melodies. Recorded in a living room in Philly, with all the instrumentation and production handled by Dupuis, it has an oddball feel no doubt influenced by all the time spent alone, but her years on the stage guarantee the keyboard blips, tambourine hits, blown out guitar lines, and moving words all come together in a great package. 

In advance of Sad13 playing The Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta on Fri., Dec. 9th, Dupuis gave us an offering to our long running Monomania playlist. /- Billy Mitchell

Sadie Dupuis, aka Sad13’s picks for this week’s Monomania playlist, the tracks she’s got on repeat:

Crying – Wool in the Wash

Overblown guitar heroics and understated vocal mastery on an oddball composition glossed over with stadium-glam. I feel like this could have come out in the 1980s or the 2040s.”

Junglepussy – Picky Bitch Checklist

“I’m not bougie… I’m selective.”

Haley Bonar – Hometown

“Haley’s songs are beautiful, and this one’s liable to impart a heavy dose of nostalgia for the place you grew up–even if you’ve never left home.”

Helado Negro – Lengua Larga

“I could’ve picked any song off Private Energy, one of the best records released this year, because I seem to have a new favorite track every week. Lately I’m feeling “Lengua Larga”–the bass is srsly super-catchy and the whole track reminds me of Beck at his most fun.”

Lady Gaga – Dancing In Circles

“Speaking of Beck, I love his production on this weird new Lady Gaga tune. The contrast between her alien-sounding spoken-word post-chorus and overblown vibrato everywhere else is so cool. And songs about masturabtion = always on the playlist.”

Sneaks – True Killer

Eva Moolchan’s vocal delivery is so malleable–she’s able to sound posh, goofy, easy-breezy and itinerant, all over the course of one quick dip into post-punk.”

All tracks on Spotify added to our “Monomania” playlist (kept fresh with 30 songs at a time). Listen:

Catch Sad13 this Fri., Dec. 9th at The Drunken Unicorn or on tour in a town near you.

Tour Dates

12/09/16 – Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
12/10/16 – Durham, NC @ Pinkhook
12/11/16 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
12/12/16 – Philadelphia, PA @ Everybody Hits 
12/13/16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right
12/14/16 – Boston, MA @ Middle East

Sad13 online:







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