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On November 30th Sarah Shook + LeLand Sundries brought a little bit of Southern flair to Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY. Shook and company, who have been active since 2010, just re-released their 2015 album Sidelines on Bloodshot Records and plan to release another album in 2018. Alongside the Disarmers was the Brooklyn, New York act, Leland Sundries.

Nick-Loss Eaton has been an active musician since 2010 with his Americana-Blues outfit, LeLand Sundries. Over the years the line-up’s of supporting members has changed, but that hasn’t stopped the project. The band has toured the east coast, the west coast, and everywhere in-between. Tonight, however, they had the ability to play in their own backyard.

Leland opened up the show with “Maps of the West” off of their debut album Music for Outcasts. The band fused well together and built up a setlist that showed off the bands extensive Americana sound. There were times during the set that lead singer, Nick-Loss Eaton’s blues-driven voice and harmonica skills stood in the spotlight of the stage (“Keys in the Boot”) and other times where the entire band came together with a punch of energy (“Greyhound from Reno”). After finishing up “Wallace, ID”  Nick exclaimed to the crowd, “That song is one of my favourites because I get to turn on every single pedal and just have fun”. The nine-song setlist fused together perfectly to introduce Sarah Shook.

Sarah Shook and the Disarmers took the stage to a packed house at Union Pool. The Chapel Hill, North Carolina outfit carried out an extensive setlist that highlighted an edgier performance. Sarah was joined by a tabletop guitar, electric guitar, upright bass, and drum players. Sarah took it upon herself to reveal that growing up that she lived in a conservative household and was not allowed to get away with anything, including profanity. The group took that angst and then used it to create a powerful country music setlist that hit on all of the edges of storytelling. At the end of this night, Sarah closed her set with “Misery Without Company”. The entire night there was dancing, swinging, and complete captivation. We’re excited to see what we hear next from the Disarmers.

Check out photos of both sets below:



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