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This past Wednesday the Seratones rolled through Alabama stopping in Birmingham to perform a killer set at the Workplay theater. Hailing from Shreveport, LA, the Seratones’ sound is a perfect blend of rock and roll from all the surrounding music scenes. You can hear a little Memphis, New Orleans, Texas and Nashville in each song. The band consists of AJ Haynes (lead singer, rhythm guitar), Conner Davis (lead guitar), Jesse Gabriel (drums), Adam Davis (bass guitar). 

Seratones @ Workplay

Back in July at Slossfest (link to review) AJ Haynes was bottled energy in it’s purest form bouncing from one side of the stage to the other. This time the stage could not contain her. There were a couple of songs where she jumped down into the crowd and showed that she knows how to move and shake it, as well as jump rope or in this case microphone cable. 

Seratones @ Workplay

One of the coolest and most unique moments of their set happened while the band was having technical issues in the beginning. While they were being sorted out AJ sang a couple of songs by herself and created a special moment that you can only see at a live show. Moments like that are what makes live music so special. Thanks to “gremlins” in the wiring the lucky people at Workplay that night got to see a couple of songs performed that normally wouldn’t make it on their setlist. 

Seratones @ Workplay

With another European tour on deck to promote their new album Get Gone on Fat Possum Records the Seratones are quickly making a name for themselves from here in the States to across the pond. Make sure to catch them next time they slide through your town.

Seratones @ Workplay

Check out Art Husband‘s photo gallery of the Seratones at Workplay in Birmingham, AL:

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