Shaky Knees Announces Daily Schedule & Releases 2015 App


With the release of their updated 2015 app with all of your festival needs, Shaky Knees Festival has announced the official 2015 schedule.

Growing from the 2014 festival, Shaky Knees has added a 5th stage, making your decisions that much tougher. If you are having trouble with which acts to catch, or who you have to see during each time slot, check back here starting next week. Leading up to the festival’s May 8th start date, we will have our #ShakyKneesDecisions for every time slot with writes ups by different writers covering the 2-3 bands playing each slot. We will have a preview of the band, and why you must catch that artist.

For the full easy to read schedule, go to the Shaky Knees website here.

shaky knees schedule

Download the app:

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