Shaky Knees Death Match: Preservation Hall Jazz Band vs. Old 97s vs. The Mowgli’s


Shaky Knees Festival is less than a week away, now it’s time to start planning out your own personal schedule. 

For those difficult decisions, we present to you the Shaky Knees Death Match. We will have each band in every time slot pitted against each other. You make the decision on who you must catch. Check back daily as we explore each time slot.

Shaky Knees Sunday Day 3, 2:00PM has Preservation Hall Jazz Band at the Piedmont Stage, Old 97’s at the Ponce De Leon Stage and The Mowgli’s at the Buford Highway Stage.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band – Piedmont Stage


By Tracey Sutton

Why not change your “usual” up a bit and check out The Preservation Hall Jazz Band? Have ya heard of them? You should know, but you might not, so here is the low down.
Preservation Hall, located in New Orleans LA is an intimate venue that has been in operation since the 1960’s. The Preservation Hall band was established to preserve Jazz and the history of Jazz in its truest form.

Back in 1996 I visited New Orleans and waited for an hour in a long line outside of the venue. It was first come first served. Once you are in, it is not very big, a little cramped, and nothing fancy. Worth every bit of the wait in the hot NOLA sun. The music starts, and you are transported to another time. The players are some of the worlds best Jazz musicians in the world. Many are blood relatives of the original players from the 60’s.

If you are a true music lover in every sense, and can appreciate different genres of music, if you are ready to rock out Jazz style and let the music take you back in time, you will love and appreciate this touring version of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
Jazz comes in many forms, however, in my experience, Dixieland, or New Orleans Jazz are predominant in their shows. It’s a feeling you won’t forget, it will make you dance, it may make you cry, it’s pretty special, and will be the feel good experience of the Shaky Knees Festival!

Old 97’s – Ponce De Leon Stage

Old 97s

By Robert Mahony

A fixture of the Alt Country music scene since 1993, The Old 97’s, led by frontman Rhett Miller, are still a show to be caught when possible. Recognized within the genre as pioneers, they are often mentioned in the same breath as Uncle Tupelo, The Jayhawks, and The Drive By Truckers.

With 10 studio albums to their credit, including last years “Most Messed Up”, the Old 97’s continue to produce chart climbing music that attracts a massive audience. That which started out as a popular Dallas bar band in the early 90’s, still continue to tour today, recognized by their great live shows, yet claiming never to rehearse said act.
Sunday of Shaky Knees weekend finds The Old 97’s playing as part of a triple header between SoCal Alt rockers The Mowgli’s and NOLA’s own Preservation Hall Jazz Band, the latter being a veritable “Wall of Horns”. If trumpets and the sounds of New Orleans aren’t your thing and you don’t find yourself drawn to sleepy beach sounds of The Mowgli’s, mosey your way to the Ponce de Leon Stage and get down n’ dirty with the swinging sounds of the Old 97’s.

The Mowgli’s – Buford Highway Stage

the mowglis

By Mike Gerry

The Mowgli’s, from Los Angeles, CA are multi-talented pop sensations that cover a ton of different genres and influences. At the basis, this 7 piece group is a more pop family band. At times indie folk, pop, country and a little bit rock ‘n roll, this group of new school hippies are inspired by 60s era Laurel Canyon, the love and flowers of San Fran, while still being influenced by modern indie creation out of Silverlake.

One thing I can say with certainty, The Mowgli’s are one hell of a good time live. A few years back I saw them at The Earl, and damn it was a fun night. Smoke was flowing in the air, from their burning incense and beyond, hands were clapping and the crowd was dancing. In the vein of an Edward Sharpe, this band knows how to get the crowd going, they are full of energy.

The Mowgli’s recently released their third album Kids In Love. These songs are uplifting and fun, there is no doubt The Mowgli’s will be a fun set for this Shaky Knees crowd.

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