Shaky Knees Death Match: Social Distortion vs. Milky Chance. Which is the must catch?


Shaky Knees Festival 2015 is this weekend and now it’s time to start planning out your own personal schedule. 

For those difficult decisions, we present to you the Shaky Knees Death Match. We will have each band in every time slot pitted against each other. You make the decision on who you must catch. Check back daily as we explore each time slot.

Shaky Knees Saturday Day 2, 6:45PM time slot includes one legend and one hot upstart in Social Distortion at the Peachtree Stage and Milky Chance at the Boulevard Stage.

Social Distortion – Peachtree Stage

Social Distortion

By Cody Webb

Social Distortion are currently on a 25 year anniversary tour for their self titled and most popular album, but they have been kicking ass and taking names for the past 37 years. Unlike a lot of punk and heavy bands, there is something very smooth and melodic about their music. When they play nothing gets lost or muffled, you can hear each instrument compliment the other and it all comes together to be a perfect storm of bad ass talent. This Unique punk rock mash up was created by Mike Ness. Who was heavily influenced by a wide range of music, everything from The Sex Pistols to Johnny Cash.

There is such a raw honesty to Mike’s voice and lyrics that most musicians will never have a glimpse of. When he sings you feel he has actually lived every single story that comes out of his mouth and you want to high five the dude and say “Eff Yea”. Social Distortion doesn’t have to try to be “Hardcore” because they just are and they have the ability to draw crowds from all ends of the spectrum.

I suggest you brush up on their hits like “Ball and Chain”, “Story of My Life” and their killer cover of “Ring of Fire” but keep exploring all of their albums because it really is just hit after hit. I guarantee you will want to run, not walk to that stage when they start their set.

Milky Chance – Boulevard Stage

Milky Chance

By Cody Webb

When I think of awesome things Germany has produced, my favorites have always been beer, 99 Luftballons, and an odd affection for David Hasselhoff.  Holy scheisse am I excited to have a band that equally matches those things for me. Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch met in 2012 and became the ultimate duo. Milky Chance broke out in 2014 here in the states with their album Sadnecessary.  The hit single “Stolen Dance” still proves to be completely impossible not to groove to every time it comes on. They have a very upbeat electronic sound that they really make their own on this album. It leaves me wondering how they will be able to step it up and get any cooler than they already are on what will come out in the future.

I missed a chance to see them play in NYC last year and have been kicking myself ever since. Shaky Knees will have the pleasure of showcasing this epic bromance. Do yourself a solid, grab your festival friends and check these boys out!

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