So Below “Drift”: Understated Aggression


Quietly posted earlier this month, So Below arrives on the scene with “Drift.” Sounding like a dark disco jam created for a True Detective outtake, “Drift” stomps to life with a thunderous bassline and rolling vocals and refuses to soften its initial blow until the last beat. “Even if you change your mind / It doesn’t have to mean that it’s over,” is intoned, breathlessly, over a wall of pulsing sound, but is it desperation or obsession she’s feeling?

Apparently from Auckland, So Below seems to be a bit of a mystery still. “Drift” is, as of now, their only upload onto Soundcloud (and Soundcloud is their only web presence). They do have two other reposts – one from Taste Nasa and one from Space Above – both fellow Kiwis, which leads us to wonder about a possible, wonderful, connection.

If you like the sounds of early Crystal Castles or Nite Jewel, or secretly always wanted Skinny Puppy to be a bit more dance-worthy, you’ll certainly enjoy So Below. We can’t wait to hear more.


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