So Below pulls us in with “Sleep”


It seems So Below has been busy since we first heard from them them – quietly crafting more music that is equal parts sleek and arresting. “Sleep,” which debuted this week reprises their thesis statement seen in “Drift.” It stomps along again, but this time at more of a clip; the drum counts out a metronomic beat and the synthesizers pull back like the tide rushing out – just before it all cascades in a deluge as Maddie North, equal parts rising above the waves of sound and being pulled into them, sings the refrain: “I can’t fall asleep.”

We had a chance to speak with So Below, out of New Zealand, briefly and some of the mystery has been cleared up. Maddie North began experimenting with processed vocals and beats, evolving over time into what is now her project So Below. She’s preparing an EP (release date not yet known to OurEars) and turning her music into a live show.

Definitely not an act to be slept on.



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