Song of the Day: John Paul White – “What’s So”


Many of you know John Paul White from his days in The Civil Wars, a Grammy winning duo featuring Joy Williams and White himself. The band officially called it quits in 2014, leaving many fans wondering if they’d ever hear from John Paul White again. Years later we are graced with Beulah, White’s new album just released on Friday, August 19. Beulah is compelling, magnetic and almost didn’t happen. The album is a collection of songs that White claims he didn’t want to write: “Honestly, I tried to avoid them, but then I realised the only way I was going to get rid of them was if I wrote them down.” Beulah is White’s second ever solo album (his first in nearly a decade) and is produced by Single Lock Records, an independent record label founded in 2013 by Ben Tanner, Will Trapp and John Paul White himself.

“What’s So” is a southern gothic track from Beulah with solid guitar riffs that keep the listener knee deep and grooving. White’s vocals throughout the track are gritty and honest. His words take the listener to a place of spiritual unconscious, “Sell your damn soul or get right with the man, keep treading water as long as you can…” Modern day transcendentalism brought to you by song. For many of those who have missed John Paul White, brace yourself for an all new yet familiar sound. The Civil Wars strength may have been found in their harmonies, however, John Paul White’s voice was meant to be heard on its own. /- Written by: Avery Newmark

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