Song of the Day: Turnover – “Cutting My Fingers Off”


“I found a picture that we took when we brought in the new year…” is a line that resonates in all of us. In fact, the entirety of Cutting My Fingers Off by Turnover is something that is all too familiar. The bittersweet nostalgia of love lost is often hard to grapple with. How can words alone describe the vast expansiveness of such a spectrum of emotion?

Turnover was formed in 2009 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In 2013 they released their debut album, Magnolia. More recently, in 2015, they released their sophomore LP Peripheral Vision, an album full of complex content and human experience. The first track on the album, “Cutting My Fingers Off is no exception. The song has a feeling much akin to 90s grunge, Explosions in the Sky, and “the indie band you’ve never heard of”. It’s a blend that perfectly depicts the contrasting emotions layered throughout the painfully honest hymn, when a daydream becomes a nightmare.

The song begins with eerie ethereal tones. As vocalist/guitarist Austin Getz begins to sing, you can instantly feel the intensity that will soon build throughout the song. Getz then dives deeper into remembrance: “You always said that every thought I had was geometric, I couldn’t think outside my own lines…” With each passing lyric you find yourself falling deeper into your own memories. As the guitars begin to build, and the drums begin to drive it home, it’s hard not to feel the sensation that Turnover has created. Getz lets out “I never wanted to make you go” and goes on to finish with “losing you is like cutting my fingers off”, a line that solidifies the true essence of the song. In just 3 minutes Turnover has managed to beautifully articulate something absolutely captivating– Written by Robert Wilson

Listen to “Cutting My Fingers Off”:

Also check out their latest single “Humblest Pleasures,” from the 7″ released in March 2016:

Catch Turnover on tour this summer:



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