Song of the Day: Dana Swimmer – Take What You’re After


As you leave the bustling and bright city of Atlanta, Georgia, drive south down GA 316.  When the city falls away, keep driving.  In about forty-five minutes you will see signs of the musical mecca that is Athens, GA.  Athens is home of the University of Georgia and is voted to be one of the nation’s best college towns.  But more importantly Athens also carries countless numbers of live music venues.  There are more than 35 bands who call Athens their home, and why wouldn’t they?  There is something about Athens, a dance beat, an electric energy that radiates through The Classic City, and an energy that has given birth to the “Athens Sound.”  

What more could a college student ask for, the bars and venues are endless, the beer is cheap and the music is loud.  

One band to pop up among the many bands residing in Athens is Dana Swimmer.  But before they arrived to their adopted hometown, the band was pulling songs out of the quite and still air of Cleveland, GA.  Singer Jack Blauvelt, sister Maggie Blauvelt, and drummer Parker Lust spent years together until they joined lead guitar John Riccitelli and bass player Danny Hurley in Dawg country.   

Dana Swimmer may only be on their second album, but the members may as well be considered veterans of the Athens music scene. The band’s newest album titled Glacier was released in late October.  

Dana Swimmer’s new album seems to be more focused, with more comprehensive guitar work and new fluid rhythms.  

The ninth song on the new album is “Take what you’re after”.  It is a slow dancey indie-rock song with an oldies feel. Dana Swimmer has constructed an almost meditative mix of soulful and indie, a clean guitar sound, and lyrics driving alongside an insistent drum beat.  It’s a song you can lazily sway your hips to or sit around enjoying the slow, smooth melody.  

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