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All musicians know the struggle of what it takes to get yourself noticed in the music industry. Whether it’s connections with the right people, or calculating the right debut that will capture the attention of your audience to leave them wanting more. Kacy Hill is on that journey at the moment, and the release of her new single “Foreign Fields” a few weeks ago (August 28) is her introduction. Let me tell you, she’s doing it in a big way.

Something different and refreshing, aesthetically this track is doing many things at the same time. A mix of styles, genres, and eras, “Foreign Fields” is a blend of acoustic and electronic, old and new…

The track starts off with Hill’s soft, sweet voice over slow, steady claps, minimalistic piano, and the scratching sound of a needle on vinyl- channeling that familiar, simple acoustic aesthetic that we all know and love. As the track continues, electronic bass and synth begin to take over and eventually dominate, pushing Hill’s roaring voice into the background. You can take it as a metaphor for life, the current state of music in general, or just as this pop singer’s artistic expression. Either way, the track is captivating, and the more you listen to it, the more complicated it reveals itself to be.

It’s important to note that “Foreign Fields” is not the first single that Kacy Hill has ever released. Hill was a model and backup dancer for Kanye West’s Yeezy tour when her independently-released, debut single “Experience” caught his attention. With an aesthetic that’s reminiscent of James Blake (who by the way, West said was one of his favorite artists), it makes sense that West would sign Hill to his G.O.O.D. music label (talk about connections!).

“Foreign Fields” is her first single with G.O.O.D. and if this track is supposed to capture our attention as an audience, it’s working and we’re hooked.

Hill recently announced a few days ago that she will release her debut EP Bloo on October 9th and we can’t wait to hear more from this blossoming young artist.

Check out “Foreign Fields” on the #songoftheday Spotify playlist:

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