Song Of The Day: “Northern Highway” By Martin Courtney


Martin Courtney came on the music scene with his band Real Estate, formed in 2009.  The band released a self-titled album the same year receiving critical acclaim.  Touring immediately followed their successful album debut.  In 2011 the band issued their second album, Days, also receiving positive reviews.  After a three-year hiatus, a single “Talking Backwards” was released in early 2014, followed by the band’s third album Atlas.

Martin Courtney is Real Estate’s guitarist and vocalist.  Courtney unveiled his solo album on October 30 on Domino titled, Many Moons.  Courtney’s solo album includes contributions from his Real Estate band members, which explains how Courtney captured the dreaminess his band is known for.  

Almost two years ago Courtney started recording some of his songs without his band Real Estate.  He began recording many of his songs with his bass guitarist from the band, Jarvis Taveniere.  The initial idea was to record a couple of songs and release a simple EP, but Courtney had too much fun working on the songs in between shows that he came to create Many Moons.

“Northern Highway” has a deliciously tortuous pace; going into deep reverie Courtney draws listeners in with his indie-pop power melody before falling deep into a dreamlike trance.  “Northern Highway” invokes a tale of a long journey.  A journey that takes you around many lonely turns, only to take you back home where you learn that a quality life is spent with the people you love.

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1/18   Los Angeles- The Echo

1/19   San Diego- The Cashbah

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