Influential Album: Justin Osborne of SUSTO on Operation Ivy’s ‘Energy’


Cosmic country rockers, SUSTO aka Acid Boys, out of Charleston, SC are one of the best up and coming band these ears have heard recently. From their 2014 self titled debut, to 2015’s live album (Live From the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame), to watching, over and over, as surrounding audience members fall hard for the band, it’s clear that SUSTO is on the upward mobility and rising fast. We asked frontman Justin Osborne about an album that’s had a major influence on him and helped shape him.

Justin’s Influential Album: Operation Ivy – Energy


“I’m Justin Osborne, founder of SUSTO. I grew up in small town South Carolina & started playing in bands when I was 13. I’m now 29 years old living in Charleston, SC with my girlfriend Meghan & our cat Kiki.

There are several albums that have had a lasting impact on me over the years & it’s hard to choose just one. That being said, I think the easiest way to choose would be to go back to the beginning, the first record I ever bought on my own, Operation Ivy’s Energy.

Although far removed from the late 80’s & early 90’s West Coast Punk scene, it’s significance was not lost on me or the small but vibrant punk scene I found myself exposed to at an early age. The DIY nature that was represented by Op Ivy & Lookout Records was reflected in the first music scene I was ever a part of growing up. Everything was DIY, people made the CD packaging themselves & had shows in any building possible to rent out or occupy (Specifically a place in Florence, SC called “The Cootie Hut”, its famous).

Beyond the overall ethos of “Fuck it, lets do it ourselves” – Operation Ivy also brought a level of social consciousness to my music tastes that has lasted for 15 years now, & it’s something that I draw on often as an artist. Energy doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s fun…but it does start conversations & send out rallying cries – “Take Warning!” – I love that.

Energy is an album that struck me deep at an early age and also one that I come back to time and time again, it never fades for me. If someone mentions liking Op Ivy growing up, I know we’ve found common ground haha.” /- Justin Osborne

Be sure to catch SUSTO tonight at The EARL in Atlanta with Kansas Bible Company and Heyrocco.

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