The Antlers On Rest, Scare Fans But All Is Well


****UPDATED**** After putting a scare on their loyal fans including us, The Antlers have edited and updated their status with the following message:

“Apologies if that post was misleading or scary – we are not breaking up nor going on hiatus. That was merely my fancy way of saying we’ve finished touring Familiars and are going to take a lil rest before whatever’s next.” – The Antlers via Facebook

This is good news to our ears. Enjoy your break fellas, we can’t wait to hear what’s next. **********

After 15 months of promoting one of 2014’s best albums, Familiars, The Antlers have announced an indefinite hiatus via their Facebook and Instagram. For now, there are no tours scheduled, no future for the band planned. This wasn’t a break up announcement but simply an update to their loving fanbase who have supported them throughout the years. In an era where we are always asking what’s next? When are you going to put out new music? The Antlers are asking for patience.

With so many albums like Hospice, Burst Apart, and Familiars, that have meant so much to their dedicated fans, The Antlers are not closing the doors, simply locking them up for a little while the family is out of town. Will they ever return to the home that was The Antlers for so long or will they all find new homes along the way? That’s yet to be determined.

Whatever the members of The Antlers are doing in the future, whether separate projects, or back together, we we will be following along intently. We can’t wait to see what’s in store from these talented individuals.. Whatever happens, The Antlers have left a lasting mark on the music world and the ears and emotions of many a fans.

Thank you for the music Peter Silberman, Darby Cicci, and Michael Lerner.

Here’s the Facebook post from The Antlers:

After 15 months* and 102 performances**, we’ve played our final scheduled show, and our Familiars*** Era has at last drawn to a close.

So now, we’ll put this thing down for a little awhile and perhaps pick it up again some future morning that feels right.****

Meanwhile, you can keep track of our creative endeavors & wanderings by following Pete(r) at @psilb & Darby @dolldoctor.*****

A tremendous thank you to any and all of you that supported us in any way- with your attention, your attendance, your means or your time. Know that it has meant the world to us. ******

Love always,
The Antlers*******

* Add another year of writing and recording prior to all that… call it early 2013.

** Add somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-30 radio / equivalent performances.

*** The Antlers’s 5th, 3rd, or 9th studio album, depending upon whom you ask.

**** “Patience is a form of wisdom. It demonstrates that we understand and accept that sometimes things must unfold in their own time.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

***** Michael has wisely opted-out of social media and enjoys a blissful existence in more direct connection with his surrounding reality.

****** ineffable gratitude and love.

******* aka Antlercorp Int’l, Antlrz, Anglers, Ann Taylors, Los Antlers, Antiliers, Amplers, Ann Landers, Crystal Antlers, The Pizzas, The Borings, Kool Katz, Aunt Lars, etc.

The Antlers's photo.


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