The Antlers at The Masquerade – Atlanta


The Antlers at The Masquerade

Review By: Mike Gerry

Photos By: Jamie Platus

The Antlers have been a favorite now for years with the release of the albums: ‘Hospice’, ‘Burst Apart’, & 2014’s excellent ‘Palace’. The Antlers aren’t for everyone; let’s just get that out of the way. People listen to music different ways and look for different things out of their tunes. The slowed down chill vibes delivered by this Brooklyn group just won’t cut it for some music fans who need something more “upbeat” to tickle their fancy. Sure, that’s okay.

The Antlers in Atlanta, GA

The Antlers in Atlanta, GA

But for those people that want to hear music that can make you think, feel, and transport you into a different place than you currently are, The Antlers are easily one of the best around. The songwriting is typically of the sad subjects, but at the same times, it’s all an absolute thing of beauty.

The Antlers

The Antlers

This was my third time seeing The Antlers live. I remember before seeing them for the 1st time, all I wondered about was could these guys replicate the sound on their records in a live setting, and really, could front man Peter Silberman come even close to matching the vocals on the albums? After all, what man can hit notes like that? Good lord man!


Well I quickly realized that not only do The Antlers sound great live, Peter’s voice is really all that and much more. No machines producing his sound. They sound even better live. If you are just looking to go to a show to catch up with your friends, sure there will be some nice background music, but maybe you can let the rest of us enjoy it. Whether it’s his amazing falsetto, ethereal guitars pulling you in different directions, synths, or those horns (lots of horns on the latest album, sounds so good live), if you are willing to let the music take you somewhere else for a few hours, this will be one of the best shows you see all year. This is an amazing band. Already can’t wait to catch them again.




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