Song of the Day: The Juan Maclean’s “A Simple Design”


The 80’s synth coolness of The Juan Maclean‘s “A Simple Design” has been getting me through all of Summer 2016. The song comes off of the dance pop act’s fourth full length album In A Dream. The album dropped in 2014, produced by DFA Records (Holy Ghost!, LCD Soundsystem, Eric Copeland). The album also features the vocals of Nancy Whang, who is no stranger to The Juan Maclean, but on In A Dream Nancy is leading these songs.

The song starts very airy and upbeat, like you’re drifting through a bright blue sky. However, once the lyrics come in, the drifting turns into being carried away. The The. I can’t think of many dance acts where the lyrics have just as much as an impact as the melody. The lyrics in “A Simple Design” tell the listener that when you open your mind and accept the timing of things, then everything you need will fall to you. I have a feeling that if this was being sung to me with an acoustic guitar, that it wouldn’t have nearly the same impact as the groovy techno beats by Nancy and Juan. /- Written by: Avery Newmark

Listen to The Juan Maclean’s “A Simple Design” above via YouTube or below via our Monomania Spotify playlist (Kept up-to-date with 30 songs total) and don’t miss The Juan Maclean’s FREE DJ set tonight in Atlanta at Terminal West:

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