PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Tica Douglas, Sam Yield, and Adir L.C @ Cape House


The Cape House restaurant in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a neighborhood staple serving up clam chowder and other specialty meals in a congenial environment. On this Tuesday night the restaurant hosted a show in the downstairs space -something they’ve only done a handful of times before. That might soon be changing with Shea Stadium temporarily closing, and a gap that needs filling. This evening three different solo acts graced the stage: Adir L.C, Sam Yield, and Tica Douglas.

Adir L.C was the first musician to play, and the New Jersey native boasted a perfect start to a mellow night. Adir mentioned during his set that he spent a lot of his recent years overseas. After the show he revealed that for a period of time that he lived in Tel Aviv, Israel. He mentioned that the world needs more ocean-side cities, and finished with the song “New Cities”. Adir is set to play with a full backing band on April 7th at the Rockwood Music Hall.

                   Perched on a bar stool with a large string hanging from the tuning knobs of the acoustic guitar the next musician took his positioning. This was Sam Yield. Sam breezed through his set, and demonstrated an array of playing styles. Check out the video below for a view of Sam’s performance.







After Sam’s set was finished Tica Douglas took to the stage. They made sure that every emotion was banded into every single song. Tica played a lot of material from her upcoming album, Our Lady Star of the Sea, Help and Protect Us. The song found below, “Moon”, is from the upcoming album and beautifully places Tica’s voice, rich melodies, and captivating songwriting into a delightful perspective. Information regarding pre-ordering can be found on the Team-Love website.
Tica was born in Maine, and said that the Cape House reminded them a lot of the characteristics found back home. It was only appropriate for the musician to end the night off by covering Sufjan Steven’s “John My Beloved”.

All of the musicians showcased on this night demonstrated the potential for great growth. Cape House, the neighborhood staple, will hopefully continue the shows into the sun-drenched summer that awaits us in a few short weeks.


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