Song Of The Day: Welcome the Summer and “Chill Out” with Triathalon


Get back into the groove
I don’t really want to explain it
Cause I’m way too into you
I don’t really know how to place it
I don’t really know how to talk
I tried so hard
I feel it too in my head
I been dreaming of you in my thoughts and in my bed/head
I been dreaming of you
I been dreaming of you

Triathalon is a band based out of Savannah, GA. Listen to any of their material and you are instantly immersed in hazy summer days. It would be hard pressed not fantasize of floating through a tropical paradise; no doubt the nearby approximation to Tybee Island plays a role in this. Full of surf rock themes and late summer night love (or maybe just crushes), Triathalon is the perfect band to reach for to get your summer heated up.

The band has 2 full-length albums. The first of which was released late in 2014, entitled Lo-Tide. In November of 2015 they released their sophomore album, Nothing Bothers Me. In true Triathalon fashion, it is the perfect collision of Motown, R&B, and to quote the band, “Usher surfing”. 

“Chill Out”, off of Nothing Bothers Me, is a wonderful excursion through summer love. The song is drenched in smooth guitar melodies and sultry vocals from lead man Adam Intrator. It’s a daydream landscape that is sure to find you reminiscing through your youthful dog days. – Written by Robert Wilson

Listen to “Chill Out”:

You can catch Triathalon this summer on the West Coast with Turnover:


Photo by Kelia from Triathalon’s website.


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