PHOTOS: Twin Peaks, Together PANGEA, & Golden Daze at Aisle 5

Last Tuesday December 13th was a cool, dreary night in Atlanta, but inside the confines of Aisle 5 in Little Five Points, it was anything but…..Aisle 5 hosted a night of rock ‘n’ roll with a stellar lineup top to bottom: Golden Daze, together PANGEA, and Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks at Aisle 5 Atlanta

Twin Peaks

With this lineup, this was a show that you don’t show up late to, not only to get a good spot, but to make sure you don’t miss a single chord throughout the night. With a line of people waiting for doors to open, you knew this would be a great night. When Los Angeles based Golden Daze took the stage first, there was already a strong energy in the room that the band quickly matched.

Golden Daze at Aisle 5 Atlanta

Golden Daze

Touring behind their self titled debut released via Autumn Tone Records back in February, Golden Daze is a little more reserved than the wild performances that would come after their set. But that doesn’t mean the six piece band led by Ben Schwab and Jacob Loeb left the room any less abuzz. Golden Daze brings dreamy, 60’s inspired psychedelic rock whose three guitars sung from wall to wall in Aisle 5, leaving the audience in a haze. While Golden Daze’s debut has flown somewhat under the radar this year, it’s clear this is a band who should be receiving plenty of more love around the nation. Golden Daze was fantastic.

together PANGEA at Aisle 5

together PANGEA

As soon as LA punks together PANGEA took the stage, the energy in the room took another step higher. This crowd was their to rock and release some steam to the music and this band was there to provide the anthems. together PANGEA has released three full length albums, including the last one, 2014’s Badillac, the band’s first release on Harvest Records. Their last release, The Phage, a 6 song EP, was released by their first label Burger Records. Touring with their Chicago buds Twin Peaks, together PANGEA were there for a good time and to play a career spanning set to the Atlanta crowd, including a sneak peak into new material the band is working on. The all ages crowd ate up what the band was putting out, with a mosh pit and crowd surfing from bassist Danny Bengston, a no no at Aisle 5. The whole room at Aisle 5 was bouncing from wall to wall as together PANGEA tore up the stage.

Twin Peaks at Aisle 5

Twin Peaks

Chicago-based Twin Peaks took the stage last, touring behind their third full length, Down in Heaven, released via Grand Jury this spring. Twin Peaks first began touring together their senior year of high school, building a rabid fan base as they’ve toured around the world and tore up many a festival stage. Down in Heaven has already been praised by many as one of the year’s best albums and the band’s live set proved why as they played songs from the new album, and of course many of the anthems that live audiences have already come to know over the years. While the band has gotten a lot of their influences from 60’s garage rock, and plenty of love for the Rolling Stones, these kids are still total punks at heart and their live set is reflective of that. Twin Peaks provides a booze filled, hot boxed energy in a confined space such as Aisle 5, and the crowd bit into every lick all night. 3 guitars, different songwriters, all providing something unique, as they switch lead vocals throughout the night, Twin Peaks is not only energetic and fun, but their songs are all attention getters as each member shines throughout the night.

Twin Peaks at Aisle 5

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks set was fire on this night with the crowd dancing through the set, as the audience was up to the ceiling in a good time. As the audience members started getting in trouble for crowd surfing, members of together PANGEA wasn’t going to let the rules get in the way of a good time. Danny Bengston came back out to jump into the crowd and surf around with a collective middle finger posted up to the man, after all, you can’t kick out the band members can you? From there, together PANGEA joined Twin Peaks on stage for a rousing cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Dead Flowers”, and the audience lost it’s collective mind. Ending with “Strawberry Smoothie”, Twin Peaks floored Aisle 5. I think you can safely say that all three bands are a must catch live. What a night this was!

Watch Twin Peaks perform “Have You Ever?” at Aisle 5:

Check out photos of Twin Peaks, together PANGEA, and Golden Daze live at Aisle 5 in Atlanta by Mike Gerry:

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