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“Keep it simple, stupid” is how the saying goes, and oftentimes, music is no exception to that rule. Sure, we love bands that push boundaries, experimenting and creating in new and unique ways, but sometimes you’ve just got yourself an apple and it doesn’t need an extra coating of sugar to make it sweet. In the case of Atlanta-based The Boy Jones, that concept certainly holds true with his new video (directed by Joey Brodnax) for “Love Will F@#k You Up.”

The Boy Jones is the pseudonym of Hunter Pietrobon, best known for being the co-leader of former Atlanta punk band Gun Party (and a crazy son of a bitch in his own right). Hunter has certainly scaled things back with The Boy Jones, choosing to explore his folk roots with a “less is more” attitude rather than succumbing to his usual tendencies. “Love Will F@#k You Up,” taken off The Boy Jones’ self-titled debut EP, needs nothing more than an acoustic guitar, harmonica, and Hunter’s signature gritty voice to get its point across. Hunter sounds well at home within the realms of Americana and really shows off his chops as a songwriter.

Said Hunter: “Love will fuck you up means exactly that. And I’m talking about that good fucked up. The kind of fucked up that pushes you to grow and look within yourself. I believe that one must fail at love in order to truly love. But what the hell do I know?”

Joey Brodnax followed those exact guidelines when directing the new video. The video starts with the sound of a howling wind, thrusting a Happy Valentine’s balloon into the air before jumping to a larger group of red, heart-shaped balloons and panning slowly to Hunter under an overpass. Flying in the wind, the balloons are attached to The Boy Jones, who is found to be simply strumming an acoustic guitar and whistling with his harmonica at the ready. As Hunter begins to sing, the camera tightens on his face, taking in the passion of both the song and songwriter, who is belting out every word. Cars blare by, water splashes into the air on a rainy dreary day, and the essence of the song is captured perfectly.

“You gotta keep it simple/love it will fuck you up/you gotta give what you take.”

“Love Will F@#k You Up” is The Boy Jones’ Post Valentine’s Day gift to those still reeling from past loves, and you can watch the excellent new video’s here:

Love Will F**K You Up – The Boy Jones from Joey Brodnax on Vimeo.

More Info:

Instagram: @The.Boy.Jones



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