PREMIERE: Jackson Hole’s WYO Debuts With the Cinematic “Down by the River”


Let us introduce you to the newest band set to make waves, WYO. This one comes to us all the way from Jackson Hole, Wyoming; fresh with the music to match the lavish scenery of the area.

PREMIERE: Jackson Hole's WYO Debuts With the Cinematic "Down by the River"

‘Untamed’ Album Art

WYO is singer-songwriter Andy Sorge and multi-instrumentalist Scott McKay Gibson. Andy met Scott after attending film school in New York when the two began composing music for documentaries, commercials, and short films together in Wyoming. Soon the pair began delving into Andy’s original songs, crafting what would become WYO. Teaming up with Los Angeles-based producer Brad Wood, the pair began to finalize their debut full length album, Untamed, set for release on October 20th via Cabin Sounds.

Andy and Scott are joined by Pelle Hillstrom on guitar, Brittany Macc on drums and Tony Martinez on bass to form WYO who clearly takes plenty of inspiration from living in WYO-ming. Living among the epic mountains and gorgeous scenery of Jackson Hole can be an intoxicating experience. The album is about the search for a place that’s alive and wild, from city life back to the Wild West of Wyoming. Combine that with Sorge’s background in film, it’s no wonder that WYO’s sound has this big awe inspiring feel to it that could be perfect in a documentary or just as easily a radio hit.

On “Down by the River”, as soon as Andy’s voice jumps in, his soulful vocals immediately grab you and continue to grow throughout the song. When Andy yearns loudly with “I’m gonna be fine, it’s a part of the design, it’s okay” and then into the chorus “Down by the River, I look for you” over a roaring guitar and the big booming drums, the song reaches it’s peak that’s impossible not to get wrapped right up in.

PREMIERE: WYO - "Down by the River" from debut album 'Untamed'“Down by the River” is a journey with peaks and valleys, and perfectly paired with the song is the video beautifully shot as a short film. The video starts with a little boy writing on a piece of paper “I Miss You”, before folding the note into a paper airplane. The video follows the young boy as he heads down to the river to fly the plane. The boy projects the mixed emotions of the song as he is at times having fun being a kid, flying a plane, and the next take you can see the pain lingering in his eyes. When the plane takes flight the video follows through stunning views right in sync with the song. From there it takes you through the path of the paper plane returning to the boy, involving plenty of the reflection that the song invokes. The video ends exactly as the song, leaving the boy opening the paper airplane to read the inspirational note of “Keep your head above water”, just like the emotion you walk away from the song with. There’s an uplifting quality to “Down by the River”, delivered through airy sonic soundscapes and soulful vocals. WYO is a band to watch out for as they set to release their debut album Untamed.

Today we are happy to not only introduce the band, but share the first single via WYO’s cinematic video for their new single, “Down by the River”:


8.19 @ The Rose – Jackson, Hole, WY
8.20 @ Concert on the Commons – Jackson, Hole, WY
8.21 @ Pink Garter Theatre – Jackson, Hole, WY
9.8 @ Music Box – San Diego, CA
11.21 @ Belly Up – Solana Beach, CA




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