PREMIERE: LA-based yellowbirddd’s new EP ‘You’re Already In Paradise’


Today we are happy to introduce you to the new EP, You’re Already In Paradise, from LA-based yellowbirddd. A veteran of the scene, yellowbirddd is the solo project from LA bass player (Allison Weiss, Psychic Love, Future Feats) and Berklee College of Music-trained Liam McCormack. While crisscrossing the country DIY style in his soccer mom minivan, Liam has recorded all over the US and self released 4 full length albums as yellowbirddd. Since his last album, 2014’s CENTINELA, McCormack has settled in LA over the last almost 4 years. It seems the sunny vibes of LA has brought on a sonically expanded sound, and perhaps one of yellowbirddd’s strongest efforts yet.

PREMIERE: LA-based yellowbirddd's new EP 'You’re Already In Paradise'While most of yellowbirddd’s past work would fall under minimal indie folk, on You’re Already In Paradise McCormack embraced a different approach with full band arrangements and synth textures added to his folk stylings. Said McCormack: “My idea and motivation behind the making of this EP was to embrace making quick decisions. Being fully open to the input and instincts of my collaborators and producers. Letting things happen in the moment, having a variety of players on the EP…being smart about the direction and sound, but also “letting go” and saying yes.”

“The EP was produced by my close friends Joanna Katcher (Julia Nunes, Allison Weiss) and Peter Recine (longtime yellowbirddd producer/guitar player). This EP is one of the first releases under Joanna and Pete’s new production team title: Real Boy. I loved working with Real Boy; their combined talents are undeniable.”

Living in LA for the last few years has clearly had a big impact on Liam McCormack, leaving him with an optimistic approach to life that can’t help but seep into his music. Said McCormack, “The title You’re Already In Paradise is about trying to let go of worry and maintain a positive, open, day to day perspective. Accepting the reality of the moment and realizing that it is all that really matters, and all that really will matter. More simply, I guess You’re Already In Paradise is my ‘PMA’ (Positive Mental Attitude) reminder. I’m trying to live my life with the reminder that I’m here right now, I’m already in paradise.”

“The beauty and climate of California also had a significant influence on the title; I love the sun, plants, trees, flowers, light, mountains, and ocean in Los Angeles. After 4 years of living here, I am still a bit awestruck.”

And it’s the beauty that surrounds him that’s really taken ahold with yellowbirddd’s new EP, providing a breezy indie pop to LA’s lavish scenery. It’s really evident on lead single “Palm Tree in The Dark”, providing lush soundscapes and upbeat rhythms to an otherwise somber song. With lyrics like “lonesome in your heart / like a palm tree in the dark / you don’t say a thing” ready to melt you down, the song sails along a reflective journey that never quite lets you hit the floor. Instead, “Palm Tree in The Dark” brings the lonesome to a halt with hollowed screeches from the guitar, and smooth, almost tropical beats that take an uptick as it heads towards the end; until your floating away as the song fades away. Suddenly by the end, you’re living in the moment, and feeling pretty good about it.

It’s a gorgeous introspective song structured like much of yellowbirddd’s past work, behind McCormick’s lyrics that draw an emotional response. On You’re Already In Paradise though, yellowbirddd has expanded their range with minimalist soundscapes throughout that amplify the ways that the band can elicit emotion from their songs, giving you all the more reason to get to know this band.

Listen to the premiere of yellowbirddd’s You’re Already In Paradise, all five songs of their new EP below:

yellowbirddd is currently booking a run of shows in the LA area, so be on the look out for future tour dates.

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